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Ship Launching

Technical Strengths:

1.  Higher content Natural Rubber materials, 56%. Higher content natural rubber prove to be superior quality.

2.  Gas Tightness. We design to secure the Pressure Decrease is not exceeding 5% around approximately 72 hours

3.  Configuration of Airbag Layers. Layers should mean corresponding synthetic tyre cord layers and additional rubber layers combination to secure longer lifespan.

4.  Breaking force of Synthetic-Tyre-Cord. Every strand is over 31kgs breaking force to reinforce the tensile strength.

How to use Ship Launching Airbags
Large Ships ~ Small Vessels ~ Dry Dock ~ Ship Salvage

Ship launching airbags are also known as inflatable marine airbags, roller bags, air lift bags, and salvage bags. Marine Airbags range in size from 0.8 to 2.5m diameter, with lengths of 5.0m to 24.0m 'effective length'. Marine Airbags are used for ship launching, haulouts, loading, and floating. They are widely used in cargo boat launching and landing, lifting and moving sunken ships, and salvaging stranded boats. Marine Rubber Air bags have the benefit of not only saving labor and time, but investment costs. Additionally they are flexible, portable, and dependable.


How the Layers of Marine Air Bags are so different?

4-layer bags that are 1.5m dia x 15m long contain a rubber content that is not less than 51%. The airbags can safely hold 156-tons with a safe working pressure of 0.08MPa while rolling. When standing still the highest lifting pressure is 0.10MPa while holding 194-tons.
6-layer bags that are 1.5m dia x 15m long contain a rubber content that is not less than 51%. The marine airbags can safely hold 234-tons with a safe working pressure of 0.12MPa while rolling. When standing still the highest lifting pressure is 0.14MPa while holding 272-tons.

Extra-Large Sized Marine Airbag (3500*15000L)

Bursting Test witnessed by SBM Offshore

On March 3~5, 2010, the Bursting Test of high-strength Marine Airbag with 2.5M(Dia)x10M(Length) was successfully completed at AirbagTeam Marine, as witnessed by Netherlands SBM Offshore Corporation, this is the world's first big size Diameter Marine Airbag Bursting Test.

This experiment took 5 hours to get the pressure stress curve and the stress distribution data of the key points of the marine air bag, and obtained the critical condition of the marine air bag structure, and the relationship curve between the critical changes and pressure and time.

36,000 DWT Bulk Carrier Launched by Airbags in Wuzhou Shipyard

On Nov 24,2011, AirbagTeam Marine offered the Ship Launching Airbags solutions for a Bulk Carrier of DWT 36,000 in Wuzhou Heavy Industry Shipyard, the Vessel is 190 meters length and 28.3 meters width, total 50pcs Airbags are offered for the Vessel's launching applications.

During the launching process, AirbagTeam Marine invited two Shipyards from South America to witness and mutually discussed the technical solutions, successfully reached the package project contract with the two Shipyards on the purchase and technical support of the airbags.

Marine Airbags help Romania Shipyard launch the Ship MT "GASCHEM VERRA"

In Romania Shipyard the Launching Transverse Slipway was broken during the launching process, which resulted the Ship launching cannot be scored, as urgently requested by the Shipyard, AirbagTeam Marine immediately provided the Launching Airbag technical solutions and sent by air total 30 pcs Marine Airbags with 1.5M Dia x18M Length, successfully completed the Ship Launching Process. 

Giant Steel Cofferdam launched by Marine Airbag

AirbagTeam Marine provided the Rubber Airbag launching solutions for two giant steel cofferdam of China Railway Bridge Bureau, opened the chapter of launching large objects by air bags.

The two steel cofferdams are the water construction platforms of bridge tower, with the same volume, 57 meters length, 35 meters width, 16 meters height, weight of 2800 tons and 2580 tons respectively.
As compared with traditional launching technology, cofferdam launching by rubber airbags has short construction period, low cost and short water transportation distance.

Ro-Ro Ship Dry-docking by Marine Airbags in Dubai Shipyard

On November 14, 2012, AirbagTeam Marine sent experienced technicians to Dubai Shipyard, successfully completed the U.A.E. Ro-Ro Ship Dry Docking project by Marine Rubber Airbags. This Ro-Ro Ship is 140 meters length, 16.6 meters width, 8.1 meters depth, light weight of 3,200 tonnage.

This Ship Dry Docking Marine Airbag project opened the new era for over thousands of tonnage vessels in Middle East, 3 of local Shipyards arranged their technicians to witness the Dry Docking process, Abu Dhabi TV had 24 hours tracking shooting and reports, attracted extensive attentions in the industry.

1,400 tonnage Pump House launched by Airbags in Cuba Power Plant

Cuba ENERGAS Power Plant core equipment - gas turbine engine consists of two giant submersible pumps from 6 meters depth in the deep sea to pump water. The Pump House is cement concrete structure, 28 meters length, 10 meters width, 8 meters height, weight of 1400 tons. 

In 2013, through technical discussions in great details between the Power Plant and AirbagTeam Marine, the Pump House was launched smoothly successfully by 12 pcs Rubber Airbags on Apr 5,2013, this big project was highly concerned by local TV, army, government officials.

4,000 tonnage Statue Lifted and Conveyed by Rubber Airbags

In October 2013, AirbagTeam Marine by utilizing air bag shift technology, successfully completed one sculpture shift project with 22 meters height and 4000 tonnage weight. This sculpture is pouring cement structure, the bottom is 22 meters diameter and the top is 600 tons giant drum.

Through a few weeks technical solutions proof and calculations, the lifting work of rubber air bags were completed successfully and transported to the new site, approximately 110 meters distance.

New Barge launched from the deck of another Barge by Rubber Airbags

In September 2014, Indonesia PMG Corporation started Marine Airbag project cooperation with AirbagTeam Marine, successfully completed a 230 feet Barge launching and Dry Dock by Marine Airbag from another 300 feet Barge Deck, the complete project only took 2 days to finish.

Ship Dry-docking Training by Airbags in Sri Lanka SEAGULF Shipyard

In Colombo SEAGULF Shipyard, Sri Lanka, AirbagTeam Marine provided the design of slipway for AIR BAG Launching & Dry-docking, and offered supporting equipments, including Winch, Pulley, Wire Ropes etc. This training program and technical instructions were provided for the Dry-docking of one Multipurpose Ship of 1,500 tonnage, which was the first project since the opening of SEAGULF Shipyard.

Ship Lifting by Airbags for Norway Customer in the Arctic

Because of the weather conditions in the Arctic, the Lifting of old ship by Marine Airbags can only be made during the Summer months. "We're extremely happy with the strength of AirbagTeam Marine Airbags which really stands the severe tests", said the Norway Customer, "We ended up cutting most of the Airbags of 6m length into halves according to Parachute Principle as we have difficulties of inflating the Airbags". 

For price quotes - please answer the following questions: 

1. Type of vessel?
2. LOA (length) of ship?
3. Width of vessel?
4. Vessel's actual launched weight (gravity weight)/weight without cargo?
5. What is the vessel's DWT?
6. Type of ground ship is built on? (Dirt, concrete, etc.)
7. Depth in meters of the water where the ship first enters the water?
8. What's the angle degree of slipway? (Land, not under water)
9. Please provide the low/high tide schedule at site.
10. The working height? (The block stand height under the vessel)
11. Distance from bottom of propeller to the water level?
12. Distance from back of vessel (in dry dock) to the water entry point?

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